About Me

*turns around with a gasp* Oh, you scared me! My muse had me firmly caught in her grasp. You know what it's like when the words have to speak their piece and the "real" world ceases to exist.

Where are my manners? *puts hand out* I'm Karen. It's so nice to meet you. Come on in, make yourself comfortable. I have plenty of fresh coffee brewed up and whatever you like to put in it. Personally, I like a little coffee with my sugar and milk.

Feel free to look around my library. I try to keep a variety of reading material handy to suit whoever happens to drop by. You'll find the serious, funny or somewhere in between. Vivid imaginations will have plenty of stimulation leaving you gasping for air and wiping away tears from laughing so hard. At least....I hope that's the way it'll be. *chews fingernails*

My muse rules the roost around here. I had to give her a place to play. She was driving me crazy with her antics! What's that you said? Oh...that's very true. I'm already crazy, so let's say she was driving me insa....no...I crossed over into insaneville many, many miles ago. Okay, she was making my life extremely difficult.

Enjoy your stay and tell all your friends about the weirdo behind this blog. Hey, I don't mind if visitors stop by just to gawk at something akin to a freak in a side show.

If you have any feedback or ideas for a subject you'd like to see me cover or...anything at all, drop me a line at downthemusespath@yahoo.com (downthemusespath (at) yahoo (dot) com.)