Friday, March 25, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Freelance Friday

It's that time of the week again...Freelance Friday! Sorry it's so late, things got really hectic here all of a sudden. I bet you thought I forgot didn't ya? Not to worry, this week's four awesome, writerly type people cover a wide variety of topics in their writing, not to mention they're really awesome people too.

Kristen Wilkerson

Kristen is uber nice as well as being a great writer. I hope the kids she has taught, is teaching, realize how lucky they are to have her as a teacher. On the writerly side of life, Kristen joined YCN in April of 2009. Kristen's YCN profile lists topics such as education, technology related to teaching, interesting places to check out such as battle fields, exhibitions and vacations, and beautiful pictures to look at.

Over at Examiner she is the America in Photos Examiner and the Lansing Interfaith Examiner. I love her photos and for people like me who can't get out there to see the world, Kristen lets me travel through her photos. You won't want to stop looking at them once you get started, so set aside time to take a look at the pictures.

As the Lansing Interfaith Examiner, she covers holidays, helping the homeless and churches from just about every faith including Christian, Lutheran, Catholic and even New Age beliefs.

At Teacher Tidbits, Kristen is one of the educational experts, along with other writers from YCN/AC that give lots of teaching tips and ideas for teachers of all grades.

Juniper Russo is a single mom taking on the writing world. She's funny, smart and nice, if you stay on her good side that is. ;-) She joined the YCN crew in September 2008. Take a cruise through Juniper's profile and you'll find topics that include parenting, natural remedies and products, pregnancy, animals, and more you don't want to miss.

Outside of YCN, she keeps busy with three interesting and fun sites. My favorite is A Family Like Yours. It's a great place for kids to learn about wildlife, the structure of their families, the diversity among them and how similar our families can be compared to that of wildlife. I wish my kids were still little. If your thing is aquarium fish, check out Fish Care Profiles; Care guides for popular freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish.

I'm a sucker for a legend, so this last site of Juniper's is one I'll be visiting again to keep reading because I'm completely intrigued.  On The Truth About the Noccalula Falls Legend site, she's dug deep and lays out what's truth and what's fiction surround the legend of a Cherokee woman. Being part Cherokee, I gotta know!

Donna Thacker is an amazingly strong woman, though she may not feel like one, nor even think of herself that way. She's down to earth and always there with a kind word. Pop on over to Donna's profile, she joined YCN in January 2008, to read about natural remedies, cars, motorcycles, pets and more. You can also find her over at Helium writing about pets & animals, home & garden, and little bit of everything listed in her creative writing articles.

Our last writer of the day is Rose Kitchen, who never slows down and makes me tired just reading about how much she does. She inspires a lot of people to live and write to the fullest. Rose was one of the first people I met at YCN. She joined the site in December 2007. Listed on Rose's YCN profile are hundreds of articles on health, Ohio sports content, education and much more. I love reading her health articles because she makes them easy to understand instead of slapping you with medicalese. That's rare coming from a LPN heading for a Registered Nursing degree. I promise you'll love her articles.

Take a gander at her Bright Hub profile packed with articles covering health, PC gaming, education and other fun subjects. You won't regret it!


Suz Alicie said...

Another group of great writers! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to check out Juniper's legend site as well.