Saturday, March 19, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Saturday Stumblings - Randomness From the Writerly World

I'm stumbling around this Saturday afternoon not because of a hangover from drinking too much, but because I haven't had my coffee! That's right, you might want to back away slowly before running as if the hounds are on your heels. Oh wait, come back here. I promise not to bite. I'd like you to read these words I'm pouring onto the virtual page before you run.

Saturday is good for stumbles and for lots of randomness from the writerly world in general. It's not the whole writerly world of course, just my little section of it. It's ok, I'll try not to unleash too much craziness just because I haven't had my coffee yet. Let's get to the randomness.

YCN/AC is torturing us all by making us wait until April 1st before notifying the...who knows how many writers, if they managed to get accepted into one or more of the subcategories they applied to. I had just been accepted into the Featured Contributor program, received my very first assignments and WHAM! Two weeks later they yank it away laughing their silly heads off as I sobbed at the unfairness of it all. Alright, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but still. *whines a little* I can only hope the new program is better and will equal more money. One of my writerly goals this year is to become less dependent on DS, not more so.

Speaking of DS, certain categories it appears got a raise. I write articles for the eHow Home and Garden section only and the value of my titles went up. I feared it was a mistake and would be yanked away, but here it is a week, a little more?, and nope, still there. That kind of, sort of, makes up for what YCN did to me. Even though it's a little more money, I still want to make enough money outside DS to shore up the bottom line.

Did someone say bottom? Oh stop it, I'm not going to talk about butts on my blog. Well, I might talk about butts only as they pertain to freelance writers. For instance, we all have one. Being a freelance writer means said butts really get a good work out, or rather lack of a workout. I better stop now. Save that for another post on freelance writers, exercise or lack thereof. What was my original point? *thinks* Bottom....bottom of the barrel, no. Bottom of the tub of butter, no. Ah well, I focused on butts and forgot what I was going to write. So goes my total spastic muse this morning.

I hope this flow of words flows right through the rest of the day. I'd like to get out of this week of hell and non-productiveness. I'm tired of trying to pull words out of my head that aren't there. My muse needs to quit goofing off and get back to work. I know several writerly people whose muse's have also taken off or are on drugs that need to straighten up so we can get back to what we do best....write!


Anaya said...

Hi Karen,

Enjoyed reading your Saturday ramblings:) I'm also trying to cut down my dependence on DS, but its slow going...curses on you DS for allowing us to pay our bills but in the most tedious, unimaginative way possible...


Marie Anne said...

I was productive today, but once again it wasn't writing (well, I did get a blog post up, so that's something).

No, even though I have assignments to complete, it was too nice to stay cooped up inside so I went to play in the dirt. My fingers are dirty and so is my butt.