Saturday, April 23, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Quiet and Quit It - Two Things My Muse Hears A Lot

I can just hear you saying, "You what? Why would you tell your muse, of all people, to be quiet and quit it?" Give me a few moments and I'll explain. First, I should tell you a bit about me, things the people who know me well already know.

I'm not normal or quite sane and take pride in that fact. Why be like everyone else? Normal and sane is booooring! My fur babies, Shanni (short for Shannon Kyla) and Connor (Connor Devlin) are both rather, unusual themselves. Can't have normal kitties now can I? My household is always filled with magick, fairies and a couple of dragons. Sometimes I have to tell the fairies and dragons to take a short a vacation sometimes, but at least they're quiet.

So, now we come to why in the world I would tell my muse to be quiet and quit it on such a regular basis I feel the need to blog about it. You can see this coming right? Yes, you win the prize, you there in the black shirt. My muse is as odd as the rest of us. While she provides me with the ability to be a halfway decent writerly type of person, she also adores talking. She can turn into a non-stop chatty Cathy for days on end. It's not something I can tune out either, because she insists on being heard, whether I want to hear her or not. Yes, sometimes I do tie her up and gag her just to get some peace and quiet. Other times she takes an extended vacation which I'm heartily grateful for.

She, like the fairies, has a playful streak. She'll move things around, hide stuff from me and even...this could be the worst of it all...give me the insane urge to drink coffee. *gasp* Quit it are words I say day after day, except when she's on vacation, or sleeping. I love her best when she's sleeping, sort of like I loved my kids best at times when they were asleep. No noise, no distractions, no games, just peace and quiet.


Poddys said...

I think that my muse likes to play with my problem of being forgetful, so ideas will come into my head, wonderful ideas sometimes, yet 10 minutes later, if I haven't had the opportunity to write something down, they are gone, and all too often lost forever.

It's like those vivid dreams that some of use have, which almost seem real, yet in trying to decipher them, we realize that they must have only been dreams.