Saturday, April 16, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Saturday Stumblings - "N" Randomness from the Writerly World

It's still Saturday morning, quickly closing in on the noon hour. I'm armed with my trusty cup of coffee and prying my eyes open. Walking over to put my coffee on, I tripped! I look down to see if I tripped on air again, cause I really am a klutz and do trip on air often, and what do I see? I see the letter "N" laying there snickering at me. If you really look at it, you can see how it's made for tripping the unwary walker.

Well, my day is off to a great start now. Tricky "N" was determined to make sure I didn't forget today I'm writing about him. Or at least words that begin with him. We'll begin with the word no.

No, I do not like the latest update to the guidelines at DS in the home and garden section. There's nothing wrong with the industry standard of single quotes, which is also followed by AP. You want everything else in AP, but insist on making up rules left and right to make us look foolish. You want expert voice and writing, but then do stuff like that. Hopefully the weekend gives you insight and come Monday you'll have come to your senses.

Winter Fog, pdekker3,
We'll move from a bit of venting to something we writerly types might do a lot of certain days, noshing. We nosh on whatever is handy absentmindedly throughout the day as we churn out our works of art. Brownies, chips, pizza, and snack cakes are consumed to give us energy. Some are capable of noshing on the healthier things in life such as fruits and vegetables. One of my favorite things to nosh on is cottage cheese and crushed pineapple. Yum! Give me some broccoli smothered in cheese sauce and I'm in heaven. Good grief I'm making myself hungry.

Moving along before I start eating my keyboard. Our last "N" of the day goes to nebulaphobia. I'm sure you see the word "phobia" at the end and have guessed it's some sort of phobia, but which one? It is the fear of fog or clouds. I can see why someone would have nebulaphobia. Fog has led to horrific pileups on roads and has been used to scare the bahjeebus out of people in movies. When you see a foggy night and a lone person wandering in it, you know this won't end well.

So ends our "N" randomness for this Saturday. Take your new word and use it well.


Derek Odom said...

Weird! I like learning new words. Thanks!

Tracey said...

I have really tried to like cottage cheese. Something about the texture makes me gag. Thanks for the new word that I'm still trying to pronounce. Lol.

The Golden Eagle said...

Visiting from the A-Z Challenge!

I wrote my "N" post on nebulae! What a coincidence. :)

John said...

Nebulaphobia? Now there's a new one! Great read buddy!

Langley said...

I almost wrote about noshing for the N day. I am a consummate nosher. And Nebulaphobia, huh? Thanks for the new word, I'm glad N tripped you this morning.

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Amanda Trought said...

Great word, I remember the stephen king film the fog, definitely sent chills, but clouds....their so light and fluffy, unless its those forboding clouds

anthony stemke said...

Nice thought provoking post. Thank You.
Cottage cheese (or Ricotta) with pineapple, or berries is good.