Saturday, January 1, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

A Few Writerly Goals for the Coming Year

I'm not big on doing New Year's resolutions, personally or professionally. I usually avoid them like the plague. Merely reading the words "New Year's resolutions" can start raising welts on my skin. *checks* Oops, pushing it with the words. So, in order to keep the hives at bay I decided to rename the whole thing. It shall not be NYR, it is forever known from this moment forward as......drum roll......Writerly New Year's Goals!

Goals are good. It's a nice calm, steady word that means gettin' stuff done. Yes, I said gettin'. Not very writerly of me or proper, but it's my blog and I'm a southern girl, so you'll see the occasional dropped "g" on a few words here and there. Back to the matter at hand. It's all about mindset, mine specifically. The twisted maze that passes for my brain has to be tricked into thinking what I want it to think. Resolution sounds so final, proper and....doomish, at least to me. On with the list already.

Karen's Writerly New Year's Goals

*Attain the lofty goal of Clout 9 by the end of the year at Y!CN. I calculated the pv and then promptly shoved the number out of my head. Got some work ahead, but it should be easier with the pages and pages and pages of ideas I've already jotted down. I'm adding more everyday.

*Write more for DS per day if possible. I'll wring every bit out that I can since it's the place that pays me two times a week. I'm not getting that anyplace else, nor the amount per article. I'd like to reduce my dependence on them to make my living though.

*Figure out a way to effectively manage my time to get more work done. I'll admit I'm a big time procrastinator. There, I actually said it out loud. Hello, my name is Karen and I'm a procrastinator. I hate that about myself, but am going to find a way to kick it to the curb. At the very least, I'll manage to hogtie it up and then laugh awhile at how funny it looks lying there on the ground.

*Plan for bad days. Being a writer with a chronic pain condition can really suck. On really bad days I get little to nothing done. That hurts my bottom line pretty badly sometimes, especially when I have more than one bad day in a row. I need to get ahead somehow so I have "padding" for those days money wise and pre-written articles for Y!CN. I may not feel like writing, but at least I'll have something to turn in.

There ya have it...a few writerly goals for the coming year to focus on. When I set my mind to something, I can accomplish it. I have friends, lots of friends, to give me a swift kick in the rear if I falter. Just don't be kicking me for fun, it really hurts.