Saturday, January 22, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Saturday Stumblings - Randomness From the Writerly World

So here I am stumbling my way through this Saturday afternoon. It's just that kind of day folks. I heard I haven't hit the bottle already. The only stumbling going on is in my head. I figured I'd get some of the writerly randomness going on in there out onto virtual paper and free up room for a bit of clear thinking. At least I'm hoping that's how it's gonna work.

Let's tackle the subject of DS or DM or whatever the heck you want to call them now. I'm going to keep calling them DS. My biggest problem with them, lack of titles. It's been going on far too long now and is killing my earnings. I started out writing health stuff when I was accepted back in July of '09. By Oct I somehow got into writing gardening titles. The irony being that in real life I don't have a black thumb so much as it's the whole arm. I like to say I'm so bad I can kill a fake plant.

All I can find nowadays is installing, rewiring, building and other stuff I have no clue about. Not to mention all the law, auto type and computer topics. It's not as simple as, "go look it up then," cause I've done that and find a lot of crap that can't be used as a reference. I'll take anything if I can find what I need, but when the subject is something I know nothing does me no good. I did find 2 titles just now for a total of 3 whole titles to write out of a queue of 15. At least it's something.

On to cheerier topics. I will have my FC articles ready to turn in as soon as I get my first assignments for my new FC position. It feels good to start ahead and I'm going to stay that way. I decided I'll apply for the next FC after the 1st, wait for the decision, then have those articles done before the first of the next month. I'm determined to stay one step ahead. Between then I'll of course keep writing more articles for FC's and toss in a few others on subjects I want to write about, like genealogy. There's so much to write about that it's hard to pick what to do.

And lastly.....I applied to the Decorating channel at Bright Hub. It's something I can have fun with and enjoy doing as much as at Y!CN/AC. The subject matter that is. We shall see how that one turns out.

Feeling a bit less stumbly, so off I go to pull myself together and get some writerly stuff done. Have a great day and night y'all!