Sunday, March 13, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Shiny Object Sunday

I've been a slacker about this blog and delayed a return until today to start the week off with an idea I decided to run with in the middle of last week. It felt wrong to begin in the middle of the week though, so waited until today. Let's hear it for scheduled posting...yea!

The title of today's post is to honor our writerly tendencies to become distracted by bright shiny objects as we try to get work done. This nasty habit has been the cause of bafflement and bewilderment along with the exclamation, "Where did the day go? Why haven't I gotten a thing done?" The answer being the obvious, all those dang bright shiny objects distracted us! Writerly types can't resist the shiny goodies that flit hither and yon. Personally, I love the chase as much as I love the bright shiny object.

In an effort to appease the shiny object Gods, I thought we'd get it out of our system on shiny object Sunday. This is to ensure the rest of the week will be a productive one. On that note, let the chase begin with my favorite color purple.

Crinkly metallic purple texture, quil/


What is love?, Cieleke/
For the girls who like a bit of bling in their lives.