Monday, March 14, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Motivated Monday

Monday, the day of the week everyone hates the most. It doesn't matter if your job is inside or outside the house. Monday just seems to creep in determined to start things off on the wrong foot and leave you looking something like this....

Singer cat, flaivoloka/
I know, it's a really cute picture and that alone should be sufficiently motivating. I need more motivation besides a cute kitty though, so let's kick up the writerly motivation machine with some articles by fellow writers on keeping up motivation while writing and a few other hints and tips that might help.

Try using Lyn Lomasi's suggestion of goal lists to stay motivated. In Using Goal Lists to Stay on Task in Freelance Writing, she tells us the type of goal lists and the best place to keep them so they're most effective at keeping our Monday motivation going.

Another by Lyn, Freelance Writing Tips: Maximize Productivity and Inspiration Through Timing, she gives us tips for motivating ourselves through those times when the muse deserts us and we can't seem to get any words typed onto virtual paper.

Jaipi Sixbear shares her wisdom in Online Article Writers Tips - Exit the Pity Party. When your day just seems to be a big ball of, "I wanna rip my hair out and scream," (doesn't this sound just like Monday?) find out ways to move your writerly behind and get producing.

Another great article by Jaipi, Online Article Writers Tips - Share Your Goals, helps all us writerly types swing our focus out of the singular bubble we are in. Reach out to one or more people and find some motivation in sharing your goals to keep you going through the Monday blahs.

If you, or someone you know, has written articles on how to stay motivated as a writer, drop me a line at, subject line Motivated Monday Articles. I'll hang on to them for use in future Motivated Monday blog postings.


Marie Anne said...

Well I'm just now reading this on Wednesday, so that tells you how motivated I've been this week.