Monday, January 10, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Working the Muse's Way

My muse can be a funny one. She shows up when I least expect it, and depending on her mood, prod me along or goose me hard! Either way grabs my attention, most of the time. You're reading that right...most of the time. I surely can't be the only one whose ignored their muse due to physical issues, distractions or whatever curve ball life might throw our way. Question is, has your mused punished you for ignoring him or her?

I should know better than to ever ignore mine, no matter what else is going on. She doesn't like to be ignored and the resulting punishment is to leave me high and dry. I do believe we're coming to a better understanding. The length and severity of my high and dry moments have lessened over time as I learn more focus. Maybe one day soon she'll bring a friend along on this writerly road. That friend is called motivation! I have the ideas flowing, but lack the oomph to really bang those suckers out.

If anyone sees the missing friend, send him or her my way. Meanwhile, my muse is telling me this free writing, fun time is at an end and I must get back to work now. Farewell my writerly friends until next time.