Wednesday, January 5, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

The Philadelphia Chromosome and an Uneventful Day

I'd like to start off with a link to an excellent article by fellow writer Kyla Matton, Philadelphia Chromosme, Leukemia and Stem Cell Transplants. The Philadelphia chromosome, called Ph, is at the root of writer and friend Rissa's leukemia diagnosis. She's now receiving chemo treatments along with a drug that targets Ph. Keep her in your thoughts as she breaks out her super powered ninja moves on those leukemia cells. Rissa, if you read this, keep on smiling that sweet smile, we loves ya girl!

Thankfully, the haziness fled today. I think it feared the wrath of Karen and decided the time was right to find another home. I got some titles done today, made some moola and can go to sleep satisfied with a job well done. My mind kept wanting to veer away from the subject at hand, but my muse ruthlessly yanked it back again. Thank you muse for rockin' the writin' today.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be as that's not quite good enough. Tomorrow will be better than today with just a little more to show for my time. Doing two articles at once again proved to be a workable idea. A few days ago I worked on two articles at once, I didn't get bored and the writing of them went faster than normal. I put it to the test again today and met with success again. Multi-tasking seems to be the way to go for me. It keeps my mind active. Most importantly, I'm not bored! This will only be applied to DS articles because writing for Y!CN isn't boring. Off I scoot to flesh out one last title before I close my eyes for the night.