Friday, April 8, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Creativity: Secrets Your Muse Doesn't Want You to Know

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I've blindfolded and tied up my muse so she can't see or hear what I'm going to say. She put up quite a fight, but when it comes to creativity, there's a few things y'all should know. Our muse's want us to think we're dependent on them for all of our creativity and inspiration. That without them, we're useless lumps who couldn't string two words together to save our lives.

I'm here to tell you that's just not true! We can be creative and string lots of words together. It does help to have our muse's around to give us and our work extra oomph, but if your muse takes an unexpected vacation, here are some things you can do to keep the words flowing.

Secret #1: Do Not Despair

Seriously, don't despair because you're all alone. You're not really alone. So your muse has taken some time off, turn to your fellow writers. Chances are their muses also took an unannounced vacation too and you can all play on FB together. After all, you're not going to get any writing done are you?

Secret #2 Quit Slacking

Get back to work! You had some FB fun, now break out the virtual paper and start typing. If the subject of the article keeps eluding you, yank it back and give it a stern talking to. I've found it helps to look at it, then if nothing else just jot down a few things you know about the topic. What you don't know you can take a quick peek at and that usually gets the juices flowing.

Secret #3 Have a Party of Your Own

You've successfully finished an article without any help from your muse. You may now have a grand party of your own, a mini vacation if you will, and tip that bottle up. You in the blue shirt, tip it higher if you please. You're a writer, not a dilettante. After a few slugs from the bottle, go back to writing. You'll find the words come easier and possibly faster. The best piece of advice I have now, do not submit them until tomorrow. They may be unreadable and make little sense to sober people.

So there you go. The secrets your muse doesn't want you to know. Now I have to go untie my muse and watch while she deserts me, possibly for the next few months. I'll be okay though, no worries.


Amy Brantley said...

Great post!

Inside Out said...

excellent reminders!

Derek Odom said...

Yup, you are so right! I've never thought of a Muse as separate from myself, so I guess I'm weird that way. Cool blog post!

Theresa Leschmann said...

This was a fun read and not far from what I do when I'm caughtless wordless. Popping in by way of the A-Z Challenge. I’m blogging at: