Friday, April 8, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Banging on the Keyboard: It's All About the Mood

Carbon letter, ilco,
Writerly people do this thing on a keyboard called typing, also known as banging on the keyboard, because sometimes we really do bang on the keyboard. Banging usually happens when frustration, or an editor, makes our blood pressure skyrocket. Now typing is nothing new of course. Computers are everywhere, people type on them all hours of the day and night. Heck, there's even keyboards on phones now!

Keyboard, GinnyLynni,
The one thing writerly types do that others don't, we type with intent. When our muse is in a good mood, our fingers fly across the keys, eyes glued to the screen as the words flow onto virtual paper. The adjectives, adverbs, punctuation and other assorted words and schtuff fall together with ease and create a masterpiece. We're giddy with excitement to get that thing published, so others can bask in our genius.

Hey! Yeah, you there in the gray shirt. I hear you snickering over that last line. You must not be a writerly person. *gives you my best mom eye* We writerly people are geniuses ya know. Our ego's are full of our creative genius that people like you can't ever hope to touch. *sniffs haughtily*

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah...our genius in creating words for others to read. I believe I used the word basking, which is a "b" word too. See, pure genius I tell ya! We bang away on our keyboards day and night, night and day to create stories full of wit, humor, facts and more woven together seamlessly to entertain and inform the masses.

When we have to go banging on the keyboard for other reasons, well, smart people steer clear. It's the not so smart ones who'll venture near for a closer look at the spittle flying from our mouths, our eyes glowing with an inner light that's not quite sane. All the while we mutter foul language about the idiotic so-and-so's and where they can stick that rewrite.

Whether we blissfully type away or bang on the keyboard, we do what we love. Only true writerly types will devote so much time to the written word and unleash our creativity onto virtual or real paper for others to read. It can be a true blood, sweat and tears business, but I wouldn't trade this "job" for anything in the world.


Marie Anne said...

I've banged away on this keyboard so much that I've worn off several off the letters.

Theresa Wiza said...

I had to laugh when I got to the part about the gray shirt. I'm wearing one right now (how did you know?) – anyway I'm a banger (not to be confused with the Banger sisters) who loves the sounds my fingers make when they bang on those keys with my muse jumping back and forth from finger to finger. If you would like to read my latest post for the A-Z Challenge, just click and look at the top blog.