Monday, April 11, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Freelance Friday: Ode to G

I know it's not Friday, it's Monday, making this posting of Freelance Friday three days late. *hangs head in shame* I'll beg forgiveness now, but most of you know my behindness wasn't my fault, so am I forgiven?

Due to the A to Z blogging challenge, this week's Freelance Friday, and the next three Friday's to come, will center on the letter that falls on that day. This past Friday, the letter was "G".

This week's freelancers bring us articles centered around the letter "G" somewhere in the title. We have giving, ghosts, a green craft and more to kick things off.

Our first freelance writer is Deborah Braconnier, also known as my co-conspirator in taking over the world, as well as a terrific writer who, according to her YCN profile, joined the site in November 2010. She has written billions of small business articles, okay, not billions, but still lots, and gives small business owners great advice. Check out Giving Your Small Business the Look of a Large Corporation. From business cards, to websites and other practical tips, you too can spruce up your small business image.

From giving your business a makeover to giving to others, Debbie reminds us in, A Season of Giving All Year Through, how satisfying it is to give all year long when you see a need, rather than confining the giving to one time year, during the holidays.

Consider signing up and joining the site she started, The Freelance Writer's Connection. It's a directory for those looking for writers, a way to give writers who don't have their own website a place to direct potential clients and a place to share ideas and more with other writers.

Next up is Tony Payne. He joined the YCN family in January of 2010 and has written up a storm. Tony is a genuinely nice person with a great sense of humor that comes through in his writing. I love all things supernatural, so couldn't resist showcasing The Ghost in the Bathroom. Does something or someone otherworldly reside in his house? You be the judge. 

Take a trip overseas with Tony's slideshow from Glendurgan Gardens and Maze - Falmouth - Cornwall. These very nice pictures of a trip to Glendurgan Gardens is a pleasant nature break for the day, plus they made me smile.

You can also see Tony's other work around the web and his passions at Off the Record With Debbie & Tony. Look to the right side to find lists of blogs, sites and other goodies from Tony and his wife.

Karen Barnes, also known as tall Karen to differentiate her from me in chats, is an awesome writer with sarcastic wit and a great sense of humor. Pop on over to Karen's YCN Profile, where she's been adding well-written content since October 2006.

I can't resist the kitties, I have two fur babies of my own, so thankfully Karen wrote an article, or rather her cat did, titled Top 10 Free Christmas Gifts for Cats. It'll make you laugh and smile. If you have fur babies, you'll find yourself in complete agreement, because we all know you don't disagree with the real owners.

For further entertainment from the "G" world, Google maps gives untold hours of entertainment in Karen's article, Funniest Directions Given with Google Map. If you need a laugh, bookmark it to read again and again. I knew about Japan, but not the other totally screwy directions, but they were no less amusing than the first one.

Check out Karen's blog at Writing at Home for Money, where her humor is sprinkled throughout her postings, while she informs you of the things in the writerly world.

Our last, but by no means least, freelance writer is Lauren Romano. She's bold, brash, and in your face. How else would you expect a fist pumping Jersey girl to be? Behind all that that, she's a great friend to have through life's ups and downs. She's also a terrific writer who produces fun to read articles at YCN. On Lauren's YCN profile we find dating, home decor, and pet related content going back to June 2007.

Ever had to corral a kitty into a carrier? I did a couple of weeks ago when I had to move my fur babies to their new home. It took four of us, but we managed to get them both inside without being scarred for life. I wish I'd found, Tips for Getting a Cat into a Cat Carrier before that day. Maybe it would've saved us all some trauma.

Lauren is a crafty woman who makes some of the most awesome things ever. This love/hate relationship with all things crafty makes it into articles for others to read and be crafty too. Her Green Craft Ideas: How to Reuse Computer Keyboard Keys has interesting craft ideas that are simple and fun. You might be tempted to pop the keys off your keyboard just to make them.

Another addition of Freelance Friday for your enjoyment. Barring worldwide disaster, I hope to never be late with it again.


Marie Anne said...

Great choices! All of these ladies (and gent) know what freelance writing is all about.

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Langley said...

Super picks. I can learn a lot from these pros.

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