Monday, April 11, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Saturday Stumblings - "H" Randomness from the Writerly World

My purple H
It's not Saturday anymore, but I did stumble around two days ago. My dern legs just wouldn't work right! Now, I'm stumbling a bit mentally working to get caught up, but I'm almost there and I'm getting things done, so I really am doing good.

Instead of my usual total randomness from the writerly world, today's random stumblings have a purpose, sort of. Today is the randomness of "H." I could be extremely creative and post random "h" words, naughty and nice, but figured I'd be nice.

How the heck do some CE's at DS justify rejecting well-written articles based on their opinion?! Another example of this came up today, as a good writer had an article rejected because the CE had never heard of something before, even though it was only mentioned once in 400 words or so and not to mention the references provided by the writer had the item the CE said essentially didn't exist, right there. How they think that what they did was right we'll never know.

High five for getting caught up! *grins* It's Monday, so if I can manage to get "I" done before midnight, I'm finally up caught up with the A to Z Challenge. It's a nice feeling. I won't slack off though because I want to get ahead, so I'll do at least two blog posts for the next few days before cutting back to just one. I've been writing this entry between DS articles.


Kerry said...

I'm also way behind. Love your blog, what a beautiful layout.


Karen Walker said...

Hi there from the a-z challenge. It's hard keeping up with this and life as well. Nice to "meet" you.

Derek Odom said...

Yea, the DS CEs can get more than annoying sometimes...

I agree on the blog, it's really nice looking!

Angela Felsted said...

You sound busy.

Anonymous said...

I love, love the layout of your blog! H down, I to go! You can do it!