Monday, November 21, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Mindless Monday: Be Mindless and Save Your Insanity

Mondays are a little, ok maybe a lot, like full moon nights. The day is full of weird happenings and lots of chaos. It doesn't seem to matter whether the day starts happily or not. Mondays are guaranteed to go screaming downhill at some point. If that didn't happen, why would we all hate Mondays so much? I'm going to singlehandedly tackle this phenomenon and save our writerly insanity we cling to like a toddler clings to his favorite blankie.

*WARNING: This post requires no brain power. You may begin to laugh so hard, people 10 blocks away will hear you, not to mention the "looks" you may get from the furry, and not so furry, inhabitants of your home.*

Ooops! Too late to run for cover now. Guess we'll have to just ride it out.

We writerly types have secrets we keep from the world while we quietly populate the interwebz with our genius.

Hey! *grabs a towel and begins to dry off* Keep the coffee shower on your side of the screen. *grumbles about coffee and inconsiderate writers*

I saw that! Yeah, I'm talking to you Ms. I'm-Still-In-My-Pajamas this late in the afternoon. Now pry your poor little kitty off the ceiling and apologize for scaring her. *tsk tsk*

I hope this will keep you completely mindless for the rest of the day. It's all part of my sinister plan to....*yanks keyboard away from evil twin; gives evil twin the evil eye as evil twin rolls on the floor laughing*

Sorry about that my writerly peeps. She is seriously twisted and loves to make trouble for me. Good thing I came back into the room because I forgot my coffee mug. Pay no attention to anything she says. Happy Mindless Monday y'all! *waves bye-bye*