Wednesday, November 23, 2011 | By: Karen Bishop

Have You Humped Today?

Greetings on this fine November Wednesday, also fondly called "Hump Day" by people all over the land. I bet you're reading this post right now because you couldn't resist taking a little peek after reading that title. *big grin* Awww, now don't start blushing just because I know what you're thinking. I have the same sort of mind. I wonder if it's because we're writers that our minds are often filled with strange thoughts, vivid images and are able to put a double meaning to almost every word out there?

I don't like to disappoint, so being Hump Day, have you humped today? Anytime in the last week? Have you ever caught someone humping? Feel free to confess all...or not.

The word itself just rolls off the tongue and has a pleasing quality to it when said aloud. Go on, say it. Doesn't that just make you smile?

Since we're on the subject of humping, have you ever known anyone who was clingy and annoying? I've known a few and the two words that always come to mind to describe them, besides the two I just used, are leg humper. Think about it for a minute. Some dogs have this awful, annoying and embarrassing habit of humping the leg of anyone who gets too close and remains still for a few seconds. They cling to your leg, doing a traumatizing thing to you. It's extremely difficult to make them stop and go away.

Leg humpers are the same way. They cling, traumatize, annoy and embarrass the person or people they've attached themselves to. You'd dearly love to kick them across the room or take them to the pound just to have some peace, but kicking them could hurt your foot and the pound only takes the four-legged, furry animals that say woof or meow, more's the pity.

Hump Day is also a good day for humping. Not all humping is enjoyable though. When you have to hump a trunk full of groceries into the house, it just leaves you feeling tired and annoyed. Then you have to get all of the groceries you just humped in put away.

I hope this short interlude has made your Hump Day a little more enjoyable. Happy humping!